Thomas Dillahunty reportedly moved from NC to TN "a few months" after the birth of his son Lewis on…

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Thomas Dillahunty reportedly moved from NC to TN "a few months" after the birth of his son Lewis on 18 Jul 1793 in NC.

Thomas Dillahunty was commissioned as a Justice of the Peace for Davidson County by TN Gov John Sevier on 28 Oct 1797 (p. 13 of the governor's commission book for the period 2 Apr 1796-16 Jun 1801).

Thomas Dillahunty was assessed taxes in District 12, Davidson Co, TN, in 1826. District 12 included the area around Richland Creek and Bellemeade Plantation.

27 Jan 1827 will of Thomas Dillahunty. In the name of God amen. I Thomas Dillahunty of the state of Alabama, and Lawrence County being near sixty one years old and thro’ the mercy of God in health and sound mind do make this my last will and testament, as follows: 1st I give my soul to God who gave it, and my sinful body to the grave, till the morning of the Resurrection, when I hope to arise to glory thro’ the merits and righteousness of Jesus Christ my Lord. 2nd I lend unto my beloved wife Sarah during her natural life the following property (viz) one third of my land and farm house garden and water, and one third of all my stock, of every discription with my wagon, one third of all my household goods and tools every discription, and one third of all the corn and meal and other provisions that may be on hand at my death, with one set of silver spoons. I also lend to my wife three negroes, male or female as she may choose, and also a negro girl named Roset, to be and abide to her use during her natural life, and further my will is that the present crop of cotton, one third of which belongs to Hervey of right (my two thirds) one half of which, I give to my wife and Harriet Thomas my daughter, and the other half to my son, John Bunyan, to them and their heirs forever ... As I have in my lifetime given to my deceased children (viz) Lewis and Elizabeth and Susan a part of all my property and now confirm it to their heirs forever, as their full share of my estate. Item The two quarter sections of land I live on, I give unto my two sons Hervey and John B reserving my wife’s dower in it containing three hundred and twenty acres and that they my sons Hervey and John B have power and authority from me and with the consent of their mother to cultivate and enjoy the said track of land jointly between them, and their mother and her hands and they my sons Hervey and John B further have my leave and authority jointly to sell and dispose of said farm and make a good and lawful deed to the purchaser for the same and as there may be a small balance due to Government on the same and let it be little or much that Hervey and John B shall pay into the treasury the said balance out of their own private funds and not out of my estate to them, and their heirs forever. Item. I give unto my youngest daughter Harriet Thomas, one feather bed and furniture, one set silver tea spoons, one toilet glass, also my negro girl Chana? and her four children (viz) Roset, Henry, Sam and Fel, and also one hundred dollars to buy her a horse and saddle, the said negroes all and severally, they and their increase to said Harriet T., and her heirs forever, as her full share of my estate, and further my wish and desire is that my sons as soon as I am buried proceed to take an inventory of all and every part and particle, remainder and remainders, not before given away or loaned to my wife shall be sold to the highest bidder, on a credit and the money arising from them, to be equally divided among all my children )viz) Polly Yiser?, Rachel Sutton, Hervey, Edmund, Nancy Hamilton, John, to them and heirs forever; this will include all my estate except my negroes which I wish to be divided by appraisement or otherwise among themselves, and divided equally to Polly, Rachel, Hervey, Edmund, Nancy Hampton, and John, to them and their heirs, Dear children, it is well known to me, and I think to you, that some of you has received more or less and in order that an equal distribution be made among you (Thos. Dillahunty) that each of you render to each other a faithful account of what you have received, so that Nancy and John, who has received but little may get their equal right. My will is that should any of my heirs or any body for them not comply with the above requisition and prove contentious that my three sons with their mother proceed to set and divide according to the true intent of this will and the contentious person heirs or who soever it may be shall have no redress in law or equity. My will and desire is that at my wife’s death all of the property and negroes and increase shall be equally divided among all my children, male or female, that may be alive, at her death, and no others to them, and their heirs forever. My will is further to explain that my son John have and take Stephen, as he was a gift to him from my father to himself and I give him further four hundred dollars out of the present crop of cotton and sold to ___ Stout? to buy him two young negroes to him, as he helped to make it and it is the legacy I mention before be divided between him and his mother and sisters. There was $300. loaned to Ira Collton, out of which I wish my neighbourhood debts paid, funeral expenses and tomb stone (the best and cheapest can be got at Columbia Tennessee) to be set at my grave, and the remainder applied to the education of the fatherless children of Polly and Lewis. My dear wife and children I will close my will, praying you to fear God and meet me at his right hand, love God and love one another and God will bless you. I constitute and appoint my wife and our three sons, Hervey, Edmund, and John, my Executors, and my further will is that this will shall never go to court, nor be proven, nor my executors be qualified. You all know my hand writing therefore safe (save) the trouble and expense. You my heirs are all of age and pass receipts to each other for your legacies and dividends and that makes it lawful without costs to you and it is further my will and desire that if Congress does pass a law in my favor as purchaser of the following lands on all of which I have paid one fourth (Viz) 1 quarter section in 25, 1 in 30 and the Et? adjoining 2 quarters in Sec 33, 1 in 28, 1 in Sec 29, that in Section 28 has one excellent spring on it. These six all lie in the 3rd and 4th Townships and 8th and 9th Range and the NE quarter of Section 11 and 5 Township 9 Range, my will is that what ever interest or profits that may hereafter arise to me on those seven quarter sections of land, or any part of them, may be equitably divided among my children now named (viz) Poly, Rachel, Edmund and Nancy to them and their heirs forever. I give my cotton gin to my wife and sons Hervey and John B revoking all other wills and sign and seal this be the only one, twenty seventh of January in the year of our Lord 1827. Thos Dillahunty. In Witness, G G Williams, Perry Bradly.

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Thomas D. Dillahunty
December 4, 1765
256 Craven Co, NC
12 August 9, 1828
194 62 Courtland, Lawrence Co, AL
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