William Bundy was the original Quaker Bundy in the Colony of Carolina. He may have been the lineage…

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William Bundy was the original Quaker Bundy in the Colony of Carolina. He may have been the lineage of William Bundy the Elder and Ellioner, his wife of Wiltshire, England and a brother of John Bundy of Massachusetts. It is possible that William and Elizabeth purchased two hundred acres of land in what is now South Kingston, Rhode Island, May 1st, 1663. Twenty acres was laid out as a house lot, 'and he hath built upon it." Evidently William Bundy remained in possession of the land only five or six months when he sold it on October 27, 1663 to Jirah Bull, the "Fearless Quaker" who was one of the first Quakers to settle in Narrahansett County, Rhode Island. The The deed is signed by William Bundy and "X", the mark of Elizabeth Bundy. The deed states that, "I, William Bundy, late Narragansett, now bound for Carolina do assign to Jirah Bull..." The document thus proves that William Bundy was married to Elizabeth before October 27, 1663 the date of the deed, and that both left Rhode Island for Carolina about that time, and were certainly among the first settlers from New England to North Carolina. The Eight Lords Proprietors had, by 1665, outlined a plan by which they proposed to administer the civil affairs of the territory. Southeastern Virginia, which was adjacent to Albemarle region of Carolina to which the Bundys had come, was already settled. In 1663 charter Charles II gave to the Eight Lords Proprietors. Bundys and other Quakers took out patents for their new land.

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William Bundy
about 1630
392 Amesbury, Wiltshire, England
4 March 27, 1692
330 62 Pasquotank Co, NC
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