On 15 Jun 1917, Claude Henderson Parrish registered for the WWI draft in Alluwe Precint of Nowata Co…

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On 15 Jun 1917, Claude Henderson Parrish registered for the WWI draft in Alluwe Precint of Nowata Co, OK. He was a self-empoyed farmer residing in Alluwe with a wife & 1 child. He was born 5 Sep 1895 in Nowata Co, OK; had no prior military service; and claimed no exemptions. He was short with slender builde; had gray eyes, dark brown hair; was not bald; and had no obvious physical disqualitications.

In the 14 Apr 1930 census of Alluwe Twp, Nowata Co, OK, he is Claud H. Parrish, 34, born in OK (should be IT) with occupation of Loborer, genearal farming. He annd wife Gladys M, born in KS, noo ccaption, are residing in the household headed by his father Alvin H. Parrish. His mother is noted as Cherokee & his father as ":mixed". Gladys father born in WA and her mother in PA.

In the 4 Jun 1940 census of South Gate, Los Angeles, CA, he was Claude Parrish, head of household, 44, born in AR (IT per his WWI draft registration), his occupaation was rig builder, oil fields, and owned the home, valued at $1,000, ; located at 55 41 West Inwood (somehat illegible). In his houisehold was wife Gladys, 40, born in OK (KS per other records), occupation was sewing machine operator, clothing factory, and son Harold, single, 19, born in OK, occupation kiln man, clay ????? In 1935, all three lived in El Dorado, CA.

In 1942, Claude Henerson Parrish registered for the WWII draft in Downey, Los Angeles, CA. He was born 5 Sep 1895.

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Claude Henderson Parrish
C. H.
September 5, 1895
127 Cherokee Nation, IT
2 July 23, 1947
75 51 Riverside Co, CA
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