In the 1895 State of KS census for Cherryvale, Montgomery Co, Jospeh lived 8 residences away from hi…

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In the 1895 State of KS census for Cherryvale, Montgomery Co, Jospeh lived 8 residences away from his brother, George Nicholas Williams. The census inicated Joseph and wife Jennie both came to KS from IL (maybe a typo for IN?).

The following notes regarding this Joseph G. Williams are from William "Bill" Joseph Bonner: 'According to the Coffeyville Williams family, this older brother of George Nicholas and Boone was also born in Kentucky, moved to Indiana, and came with the two younger brothers to Liberty, Kansas to homestead. After they staked the claim, according to Erma Williams, Nick and Boone went back to Indiana to get their belongings and whatever family they had at the time. Joseph G had already married Jenny Carter in 1866. When they got back, Joseph had skipped the claim and they had to restake in another location, which became the family farm. Apparently Joseph went to Independence, Kansas, where he can be found in the 1870 census as a farmer, but without Jennie or any children. (Joseph G can be found in Cherokee, Montgomery, Kansas, in 1880 census, about 5 miles n/e of Coffeyville, on the east side of Hiway 169.) There were apparently a "mess of" half brothers. (See confirming census data in Putnam County, Indiana 1870 Census, page 237, second side.) Three farms were staked out together in Montgomery County, Kansas. Boone's was in the middle, George Nicholas's farm was to the west and Marion Fritt's (or his father 's) was to the east. This was about four miles southeast of Liberty. The Montgomery County, Kentucky 1850 Census, p. 29, line 22, lists Joseph as age 12, born in Kentucky, thus he is older brother of George and Daniel. Son of Oliver B. and Mariah Williams. His family moved to Kansas in about 1876, based upon the birth places of various children. Joseph is found elsewhere in Montgomery county, Kansas in successive censuses, until they moved to Deming, Whatcom, Washington, some time between 1905 and 1910. Joseph died between 1910-1920, (actually in 1914) and his surviving spouse, Virginia or Jennie moved to California, along with their son Roy Oliver Williams, who was the only one child in the household in 1910."

A pre-1998 survey of Vandalia Cemetery, Porterville, CA, had the followin entry for Joseph G. Williams: "WILLIAMS Joseph G age 75 b 25 Mar 1839 d 6 Oct 1914 58-2-1 bur 9 Oct 1914 wife Jennie Ellen Williams headstone".

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Joseph G. Williams
March 25, 1839
183 Mt.Sterling, Montgomery, KY
8 October 6, 1914
108 75 Porterville, Tulare, CA
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