"In 1849, Lucy Jane Greer Barham and James Monroe Barham moved from Tennessee to Ouachita County, Ar…

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"In 1849, Lucy Jane Greer Barham and James Monroe Barham moved from Tennessee to Ouachita County, Arkansas (Missouri Township, which is the area where I grew up and which later became part of northern Nevada County). James' father and family also moved to Arkansas with them at this time. James is on the 1850 census in Ouachita County Arkansas as a farmer. In April 1856, Lucy joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at Forrest Hill by recommendation per the church record book. Forrest Hill is near Sutton in Hempstead County (this area later became part of southern Nevada County). James is noted as a freemason and politically a Whig at this time. By 1860, they lived and farmed in nearby Albany Township in Hempstead County. James Monroe Barham joined the Civil War Confederate cavalry at Hempstead County's town of Washington in 1862 and became a Captain in the Arkansas 1st Regiment under W. B. Stewart. James and Lucy's oldest son Harvey (at age 18) joined the same regiment as his father's in 1863. Later, at the Battle of Rocky Mound, Harvey was wounded in the left shoulder by a bursting shell, but he remained with the regiment until its surrender at Shreveport, Louisiana near the war's end. In several battles in Arkansas, Missouri and Kansas during 1864, Pvt. Harvey Barham served under his father, Captain James Barham, while commanded by Colonel James C. Monroe and by Major-General Sterling Price. On the return from a raid into Kansas in October 1864, James Barham became so ill with typhoid fever that he could not continue. Harvey was with him when they reached Granby Mines, Missouri, and James stopped at a house where a woman and her daughter put him to bed next to another wounded soldier already there. James told his son Harvey to tell wife Lucy Jane that he'd continue on home when he was able. But for many weeks, Lucy Jane waited, often awakening in the night thinking she heard him throw his saddle upon the porch. Only after two years had passed did she hear what happened. The woman who had helped James, sent word to Lucy that James' horse had been tied to the fence at her farmhouse when it was seen by Kansas Bushwhackers. They were bandits loyal to neither South or North and often killed the wounded of both sides for their equipment and horses. They searched James' saddlebags, took his papers, entered the house and shot and killed him as he lay in bed. The other soldier was also shot but he climbed out the window and died in the yard. After the Bushwhackers left, the two women wrapped the two dead soldiers in sheets and buried them as best they could in furrows of the garden. This account has been related by members of the Barham family down through the years now since the mid-1800's. Lucy Jane continued to live at the Barham homeplace near Sutton at Forrest Hill, Arkansas (southern Nevada County) until her death in 1905. She was buried at Harmony Grove Cemetery nearby with the inscription: "In my Father's House are many Mansions," wife of J. M. Barham, born October 13, 1832 [NOTE: Other documents say Lucy was born 1827, which is more likely as she would otherwise have been age 13 when she had her first child in 1845], died Oct 5, 1905. Asleep in Jesus." My Barham Descendants book has much more detail about each of Lucy and James Barham's children and descendants. There are photos also of their children Harvey, William R., Mary Ann and Lewis." (Information about the family of Lucy and Jame Barham is from THE BARHAMS AND DESCENDANTS by Dorothy Jean Goynes Chapel, 1984, as sent by Cathy Straley, email: cathy@dustyroads.net>, September 2002.)

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Lucy Jane Greer
October 18, 1827
195 Davidson Co, TN
8 October 5, 1901
121 73 Nevada Co, AR
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