Per her husband, Robert Lyle Barnes, Jeri Lynn Pruss worked as a charge nurse at St. Luke's Hospital…

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Per her husband, Robert Lyle Barnes, Jeri Lynn Pruss worked as a charge nurse at St. Luke's Hospital in Denver, CO. The night of 14 (actuall the 12th) Feb 1980 she disappeared after leaving the hospital, and was found dead a few days later (raped and strangled)... actually, she was found on Feb 14. Apparently she had trouble starting her car after work, and had called a friend to assist. The friend had a flat tire on his way to the hospital, and Jeri Lynn had disappeared. Someone reported an African-American man dragging a white woman from a telephone booth in the hospital area, and that is all that is known. The crime was never solved. There were no children of this marriage.

The following info items on Jeri's murder were found on 8 Mar 2021 after realizing Jeri's maiden name was "Preuss" rather than "Pruss":

1) On page 3 of the 15 May 1981 edition of The Daily Sentinel, Grand Juncion, CO was a list of murdered Denver women found since 1980.d The first entry on the list in 1980 was: "Jeri Lynn Preuss Barnes, 20, strangled Feb. 14 behind Denver's Radisson Hotel. A warrant was issued for a male suspect. Case open."

2) In 1985, Waldo Mackey was convicted of first degree murder in CO and sentenced 20 years to life with the possibility of parole. Per a US 10th Circuit Court of Appeals 2002 decision regarding the legality of a search (the court confirmed the legality of search): On February 14, 1980, Jeri Lynne Barnes’ body was discovered in an alley next to Petitioner’s apartment building. Barnes had not been seen since she left work on February 12. Her body was wrapped in a sheet, and tied at the shoulders and knees with an extension cord and a belt. She had been raped, beaten, and strangled."

3) Waldo J. Makey fled CO after the murder of Jeri. In CA, he was onvictged of sex crimes & kidnapping in San Franciso. He was 35 in San Quinetin prison in May 1983 when he was slashed by his cellmate with a razor blade on his face, back neck & left arm. He needed 200 stitiches and recoved. Between this incident and 1985 he was extradited from CA to CO where he was convitted of Jeri's murder in 1985. He has made numerous appeals (none successful), filed civil lawsuits against prison officials for violating his rights (and in 2019 won a $180,000 judgement), and remains in a CO prison (as of early 2021).

4) CO DOC records indicate Waldo J. Mackey is a 73 year old black male serving a life with parole sentence at Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility. No parole hearing date was scheduled.

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Jeri Lynne Preuss
September 5, 1959
63 Denver, Denver, CO
0 February 14, 1980
42 20 Denver, Denver, CO
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