In the 1860 census for Clear Creek Twp, Sevier Co, AR, Samuel Saveage Dillahunty had a personal esta…

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In the 1860 census for Clear Creek Twp, Sevier Co, AR, Samuel Saveage Dillahunty had a personal estate valued at $22,500 (and no real estate). This likely reflected the slave schedule associated with this census which shows he owned 21 slaves-- 14 males (9 were 20-36, and 5 were 1-14) and 7 females (1 was 48, 3 were 19-20 and 3 were 1-3). His father-in-law, Benjamin Norwood was on the same page with real estate valued at $25,000 and a personal estate of $60,000 (Ben owned 23 slaves per the 1860 slave schedule).

Per a 1977 ltr from Jack Dillahunty to Leo Aaron Dillahunty, Sam Dillahunty came to Norwoodville, Sevier, AR, from TN. Per the ltr, Sam "left AR" and went to Ft. Towson, OK, where he taught at an Indian school. This probably was during the period 1871-1875 as his son John was born in AR in 1870, his dau Nina in IT in 1873 and his son Peter in AR in 1876. The school probably would have been Wheelock (girls) or Norwalk (boys) Academy, both located near Millerton, McCurtain, OK (pre-1907 statehood Towson County, Choctaw Nation, IT). Both Wheelock & Millerton date from 1832; Norwalk dates from 1842. Wheelock operated until 1955. Samuel's sister, Elizabeth, also reportedly taught school in the Choctaw Nation, probably also at Wheelock or Norwalk.

In the 1910 census for Titus Co, TX, there is a Jack Dillahunty, 33, born in AR with father in AL and mother in NC, in the household headed by B. T. Cleland, 63. b. in SC The wife of B. T. is Myra who is Myra Johnson; they married 25 Nov 1900 in Titus Co, TX. Jack is listed as a cousin (of B.T., but maybe Myra). Jack's age, birthplace and his parents birthplace "fit" with Samuel Savage Dillahunty and Martha Elizabeth Norwood. Is he their son? Also, SC fits with the Savage family, and Johnson fits with the Dillahunty family in Titus Co as Almira Dillahunty married Benjamin Johnson.

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Samuel Savage Dillahunty
187 Lauderdale Co, AL
10 1883
139 48 Lockesburg, Sevier, AR
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