Lewis Dillahunty distinguished himself in the Battle of New Orleans as a young officer under Genearl…

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Lewis Dillahunty distinguished himself in the Battle of New Orleans as a young officer under Genearl Andrew Jackson. Upon the recommendation of General Jackson, Major Dillahunty was sent by President Monroe to North Alabama "to prepare the minds" of Cherokee Indians for a cession of their land on the south side of the Tennessee River to the United States. In early 1816, Major Dillahunty and his wife located in Courtland, Lawrence, AL. He was popular with the Cherokee, corresponded directly with President Monroe and in 1817 assisted his patron, General Jackson, in acquiring Cherokee lands in the area which became Morgan, Lawrence & Franklin counties. The same yr, Major Dillahunty was elected to the House of Representatives in the Territorial Legislature. When Alabama Territory became a state in 1818, he was elected as a representative to the first state legislature. After living in Courtland for 3 yrs, Lewis Dillahunty moved a few miles NW to the Lawrence county neighborhood of Mount Pleasant church where he purchased land for both his father and father-in-law. In 1825, Lewis Dillahunty was postmaster of Bainbridge Post Office in Alabama. Also in 1825 he moved to Hardeman Co, TN, where he died in 1826.

There is an Alabama Historical Commision historical marker in Courtland, AL. One side concerns the town; the other "early settlers". The settlers side reads "Major Lewis Dillahunty and his wife, Lucinda, reputedly settled at Courtland in 1816. Dillahunty, a surveyor, had fought with Andrew Jackson at New Orleans. Soon afterward came wealthy planters, with their families and slaves, from Virginia, Tennessee, the Carolinas and Georgia. They were joined by merchants artisans, lawyers, doctors, preachers and innkeepers as Courtland became the trade center for the surrounding farms and plantations. A newspaper, The Courtland Herald, was established in the 1820s. For most of its history, Courtland’s population has numbered between 400 and 700 people."

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Lewis C. Dillahunty
July 13, 1793
229 Craven Co, NC
4 June 16, 1826
196 32 Near Bolivar, Hardeman Co, TN
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