Birthdate is from his own note in his own Psalm Book. Note was dated April 4, 1921, and place of no…

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Birthdate is from his own note in his own Psalm Book. Note was dated April 4, 1921, and place of note was recorded as Strang, Oklahoma.

All of the children of Ole and Carolina (except for Edith who is buried with her husband, Samuel Ellis Broam, in Skiatook, Osage, Oklahoma) are buried with them in the Spavinaw Strang Cemetery. It is located on the south side of State Road 82 in Mayes County, Oklahoma. Included in the plot are three Patterson graves-- Pearl and her husband Amos Patterson plus Willard Patterson who is presumed to be their son based on the marker dates. To find the gravesites, proceed from the main entrance to the middle of the cemetery (area of flag pole, a sign and a grove of trees). The graves are the first ones to the east of the sign and trees. The marker inscriptions and descriptions in order from north to south are as follows (all of this cemetery info was gathered by Robert Lyle Williams and Lorene Linnet Dillahunty on a visit to the cemetery on May 28, 1997):

Earl W. Johnson, a red granite upright stone. Nov. 26, 1900 Feb. 17 1973; Walter J. Johnson, a red granite upright stone. Aug. 4, 1891 Jan. 27, 1962 Johnson Red granite upright stone with a flat marker at foot Carolina of grave with inscription "Mother". Dec. 27, 1864 Feb. 13, 1935 Johnson Gray granite upright stone with a flat marker at foot Ole of grave with inscription "Father". 1844-1929 Selma M. Johnson Gray upright marble stone. Bron at Prue, Okla. Jan 8, 1906 Dec 11, 1924 JOHNSON The following two markers are to the immediate east of the ones for Carolina Johnson and Ole Johnson: Willard O. Patterson Brown low granite stone + an upright circular Oct. 23, 1925 metal marker that reads "War U.S. Veteran". Feb. 16, 1988 PATTERSON Brown mid-rise granite stone. Pearl B. Amos M. Nov 26, 1900 Mar 8, 1898

According toOle's grandaughter, Ruby Amelia Broam, on 8/16/1998. Ole & Carolina moved from Nebraska to Pawhuska, Osage, OK, abt 1897. Their good friends in Pawhuska were another Swedish couple, the Nordwells. One Thanksgiving in Pawhuska, two hack loads of Indians showed up as uninvited guests for Thanksgiving dinner. The Indians entered the house, ate and took the leftovers. The Nordwells were the invited guests! In Pawhuska, Carolina sold eggs for 25 cents/dozen to an Indian woman. The Indian woman then wanted her 25 cents back. Carolina's daughter, Edith then took the Indian woman's moccassins and threw them down the well. The Indian woman was very mad, but Carolina would not spank Edith! From Pawhuska, Ole & Carolina moved the family to near Prue, Osage, OK. There, daughter Edith worked for Mr. A. J. Perry in a general store before her marriage to Samuel Broam. This would have been abt 1913-1915. From near Prue, Ole & Carolina moved to Strang, Mayes, OK. They farmed there until Ole's death in 1929.

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Ole E. Johnson
July 29, 1844
178 Sweden
5 1929
93 84 Strang, Mayes, OK
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