Joel Bundy was listed in the 13 Jul 1870 Belmont Co, OH, census in the household of his father as ag…

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Joel Bundy was listed in the 13 Jul 1870 Belmont Co, OH, census in the household of his father as age 17 and working on the farm. Joel Bundy cannot be found in the 1880 or 1900 census in any state. Joel probably was named after his maternal grandfather, Joel Doudna, who was living nearby in Warren Twp, Belmont Co, OH, when Joel was born. An 1890 biography of his father indicates his father had nine children and then gives the names and indicates if the child was deceased at that time. Only 8 of the 9 children are named-- the missing one is Joel? Was this a clerical error, or had he been disowned (and, if so, was he living). An early 1900 "Centennial History of Belmont County" entry for Dillwyn C. Bundy (Joel's brother) indicates William, Jr. had nine children. The children again are named and an indicatiion is made if they are deceased. This time Joel P. is named and indicated as deceased. The 1900 census listing of Joel's only known child, Wiliam J, in the household of Willam, Jr., as a grandson suggests neither Joel nor his unknown wife were living at that time. Additionally, there is no widowed female Bundy b. 1845-1860 shown in the OH census for 1900, 1910 or 1920 with one exception. That exception is in 1900 where a Ruanna Bundy, 55, a widow, with a dau Bertha b. Oct 1882, is living inbetween William, Jr. (Joel's father and with whom William J was living) and Dillwynn (Joel's brother). Ruanna, however, is the widow of Lindley Bundy, a nephew of William, Jr., and a first cousin of Dillwyn & Joel.

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Joel P. Bundy
October 28, 1852
170 OH (probably Belmont Co)
1 before 1903
119 50 Never
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