Oliver Badger Williams birthdate calculated from info on his tombstone per William "Bill" Joseph Bon…

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Oliver Badger Williams birthdate calculated from info on his tombstone per William "Bill" Joseph Bonner.

Cemetery Location: The Colonel Alexander Shore Farrow Family Cemetery is in Monroe Twp, Putnam Co, IN. It is abt 1/4 mile north of the intersection of US 231 & State 36, on the west side of sunken old road & just north of an old concrete bridge. The cemetery is on a slight rise. Detro Trailer facilites are located to the south of the cemetery; on the north side of the cemetery is a large parking area for Detro Trailer. The community of Morton on State 36 is less than 2 miles west of the intersection of State 36 & US 231. Bainbridge is a little over 2 miles to the west of 36 & 231; Greencastle is abt 8 miles south of 36 & 231.

In the 1870 Putnam Co, IN, census for Oliver Badgerf Williams & his second wife, Eliza, the household include three of her children from her prior marriage to John Gough. These were Kiziah,16, female, at school; Willard, 12, male, farm labor; and Mary, 10, female. All three Gough children born in IN; in this census the surname was spelled Goff.

Notes by William "Bill" Joseph Bonner chronicling his info regarding Oliver Badger Williams. Apparently this Williams lived in or near Mt. Sterling, Kentucky and had quite a number of children, including George Nicholas, Daniel Boone, Oliver , Joe, etc. This is probably the same Oliver B. Williams, age 64, Farmer with $5,000 in realty and $900 in personalty, born in Kent, at page 237, Putnam County, Ind iana, 1870 Census. (Page No. 20 of Russel Twp. 11 July 1870, Line 7, Family & Dw g 143. If so, then Daniel Boone and George Nicholas Williams had already left home. Query: Did the initial "B" stand for Boone? Coincidences or tradition? Letter dated June 24, 1991, from Kentucky Historical Socie ty seems to suggest the possibility of a relationship of a Nancy Nelson or Taylor, who married a Williams, to one Oliver Badger--her halfbrother? If so, it might be reasonable to expect her to name a child after her brother. Therefore , Oliver Badger Williams.? Need to follow up on the meaning of initial "B" . There is a Oliver P. Badger, age 57, a minister, b. in Kentucky, listed at pag e #101, Greencastel Twp., line 26, with wife Martha A., born Tennessee, age 5 0, and son David E., age 19, b. Indiana; Clay, age 17, b. Indiana in the 1870 Putnam County, Indiana Census. Note the propinquity of the Fritts family in 1870 Census, Putnam. It is interesting, since the Fritts family lived quite close by and eventually intermarried. According to information from Ermah Williams, his granddaughter (told to Bill Bonner in 1987), there were at least two families of stepbrothers and stepsisters in this generation. If so, then the Eliza, listed as Oliver B's wife, age 40, keeping house, born in Indiana, may be the second wife . She is probably not the Mother of Oliver D., in the 1870 Putnam County, Ind . Census, p. 237, second side, line 9, family 143. She probably is the mothe r of Henry L., age 5, born in Indiana; Phillip C., age 4, born in Indiana, and Charles M., age 1 , also born in Indiana. (Vera Williams confirmed these suppositions in a letter dated November 10, 1990.) Also see 1860 Census, Montgomery County, Mt. Sterling P.O., Kentucky , p. 273, fam & dwg. 552, line 13, June, 1860, Wm. Ragan, Ass't Marshall, where Oliver Williams is listed as age 55, farmer with $1,400 in personalty, born in KY. Also listed are George N. Williams, age 19, Sarah A., age 17, Dan'l B ., age 14, Margaret C., age 12, and David G. Williams, age 6--born in Indiana. Wife Maria had died prior to 1860 census. See 1850 Census, Montgomery County, Kentucky, p. 29, line 19, where Oliver B. is listed as age 44, a farmer, with $1600 in realty. Also his wife Maria, and list of children, John W., age 14, Joseph G., age 12, George N., age 10, Sarah A., age 7, Daniel B., age 5, Margaret C., age 2. A letter from Vera Marguerite Williams on November 10, 1990, confirme d this was the correct Oliver B. Williams. "Recollections of conversations with our father would say Oliver B. Williams and Marie were father and mother of Joseph G., George Nicholas, Sarah A., Daniel Boone, Margaret C., and Oliver B. . . Oliver B. Williams had to leave the family and went into Indiana due to some statements he made in regard to the War." "We have no recollection of John B." An Oliver Williams first shows up on the 1837 Montgomery County, KY tax rolls at page 44, showing he was 1 white male over 21, no slaves, but had 4 horses worth $320.00. He owned no real property. The 1838 tax rolls, also at page 44, show Oliver B, with no realty, 1 voter, 5 horses worth $325, a wheeled carriage worth $75.00, and the amount over $300, exclusive of propert y listed was $1,300.00. Total value except Studs, Horses and Jacks was $1,700 .00. There was no 1839 tax roll surviving. 1840 tax rolls, p. 29, shows Oliver Williams with land at taxed at $50.00 on Hinketon or Hinkelow water c ourse; the value of the tract was $2,250. 1 white male over 21; 1 slave, worth $300, 8 horses and mares worth $320; 6 cattle, worth $30.00; total value, $ 2,900.00. He shows up in succeeding years at least until after 1850, with more slaves, real property and children listed. In 1841, p. 31, he had land on Somersett watercourse, worth $15,050. In 1842, p. 35, land on Grassy Lick; 1843, p. 33.; 1844, p. 33, Hinketon watercourse; 1845, p. 36, Hinketon Watercourse ; 1846, p. 37; 1847, p. 34.; 1848, p. 35.; 1849, p. 39, Oliver B. had land on Grassy Lick; 1850, p. 39, he had 4 children between 5-16. I have not tracked all t he later years until he sold his property. Deed records show that he was living in Putnam County, Indiana when he sold property in 1864 that had been in the estate of William Allen, father of the late Maria or Mariah Allen. Query: Was Oliver B. born elsewhere in KY and came to Montgomery County about 1836 or 1837? If John W.(b.1836) is child of a prior marriage, and Oliver then married Maria Allen in 1837, that would fit nicely, with Joseph G. be ing born in 1838. That seems to fit Vera and Erma's listing of names in the amily. Was Oliver B. a stage driver, rather than a farmer when he first came through? He had horses and a carriage. 1840 Census shows Oliver in Montgomery County, KT P. 292. I haven't checked this out yet, but apparently there is an Oliver Williams in Montgomery County in 1830 Census, p. 006. If so, he was there as early as age 24. He probably married Maria when she was about 20, or 1834, since the first child was born in 1836, when he was 30.

The parentage of Oliver Badger Williams is speculative, but it does appear he was a property owner in Montgomery Co, KY, as early as 1837 when he was about 30 years old. Based on research by William "Bill" Jospeh Bonner, it is likely that Nancy Tayor was the mother of Oliver Badger Willimas. Bill's rewearch & knowledge also allowed him to make an educated guess that John Oliver Williams was the father of Oliver Badger Williams. No marriage, census nor Bible records have been located to support the parentage of Oliver Badger Williams.

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Oliver Badger Williams
October 18, 1807
215 Montgomery Co, KY
10 February 4, 1871
February 4, 1874
151 63 Putnam Co, Indiana
Putnam, Indiana
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