On 5 Jun 1917, Samuel Ellis Broam registered for the WWI draft in Hominy, Osage, OK. His birth was…

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On 5 Jun 1917, Samuel Ellis Broam registered for the WWI draft in Hominy, Osage, OK. His birth was recorded as 18 May 1895 in McDonald Co, MO. He was married, and self employed as a farmer in Prue, OK. He was decribed as tall, slender, blue eyes, light hair and was not bald. He had no obvious physical disqualifications and claimed no exemption from the draft. (Note: His birth is 18 May 1896 on both his tombstone and in his social security record)

Sam and his wife Edith lived in an oil company "camp" in rural Osage Co, OK, for many years begining in the early 1920s. His granddaughter Lorene Dillahunty Williams "inheritied" Sam's DX Sunray Oil service pins with 25 & 35 year bars. In retirement, Sam and his wife Edith lived in their own home in Skiatook, Osage, OK.

Sam is buried with his wife, Edith Lovice Broam (nee Johnson), in the Osage Garden cemetery on the south side of State 20 on the west side of Skiatook, Osage, OK. They share a common marker... flat gray granite. Their daughter, Martha Geneva Broam Brant, is buried next to them (with her own, similar marker). The graves are in the northeast quadrant of the cemetery... approx 23 yards to the east of the north/south walkway and approx 15 yards south of the north perimeter drive. This info from a personal visit by Robert Lyle Williams and Lorene Linnet Dillahunty on 28 May 1997.

Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Samuel Ellis Broam
May 18, 1896
126 Pineville, McDonald, MO
5 May 6, 1965
57 68 Skiatook, Osage, OK
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