Mrs. M. Hennion Robinson is listed as a 1906 Charter member of "The Dominate Club of Los Angles" in…

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Mrs. M. Hennion Robinson is listed as a 1906 Charter member of "The Dominate Club of Los Angles" in Los Angeles, CA. This club was a group of women active in the musical arts. See for a photo of M. Hennion Robinson.

A 24 Nov 1911 musical program included "Mrs. M. Hennion Robinson at the piano"; appears on page 208 of "Memory Pictures, An Autobiography" by John Hyde Braly.

Page 148 of "Whos Who Among The Women of Women, 1922" notes Mrs. Hennion Robinson as one among those who particiapted in musical programs during 1921-1922 under the auspices of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Society of Ameican Music Optimists.

The following biograpahical info is from pages 804-805 of "Los Angeles from the Mountains to the Sea..." by John Steven McGroarty, published by The American Historical Society, Chicago and New York, 1921: "Mrs. M. Hennion Robinson (Blanche Williams). Probably no artist meets more of the difficult tests of true musicianship than the accompanist. Of musicians there is a legion and host, but real accompanists are comparatively rare. It is in this difficult field of music that Mrs. M. Hennion Robinson of Los Angeles has achieved her greatest reputation, though in recent years her work as a composer has attracted notice and encouragement from those competent to judge, and during 1920 she abandoned some of her professional engagements in order to be in New York to look after her compositions. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Williams and was born in Emporia, Kansas, attended public school in that city and also the Kansas State Normal. Her grandfather was a singing master, and all her family were musical. Older members of the family say that when she was a child of three years she would pick out airs on the piano. At the age of five she started regular work on the piano at the Chase Conservatory at Emporia. At the age of nine her family moved to Chicago, where she was fortunate in having eight years of scholarship with W. C. E. Seeboeck, a pupil of Rubenstein. Soon after she began accepting engagements in concert work, and under the management of Mr. Pardee and Miss Weber toured the Middle West in recital as concert pianist. In 1901 her father's business called him to California, and the family moved to Los Angeles. For nearly three years after coming to Los Angeles Mrs. Robinson did concert work and was soloist on many notable programs. Since then she has specialized exclusively in accompaniment. She has played for such well-known artists as George Hamlin, Jeannie Jornelli, Marcella Craft, Maggie Teyte and Pavlowa, Franz Wilcez and Hugo Herrman, besides many local singers. For nine years she was the accompanist for the Woman's Lyric Club, and for five years of the Ellis Club, and during the past two years has found time to do much composition. Mrs. Robinson is a pupil in composition of Frederick Stephenson. Her "The Woman at Home," a chorus for women's voices, has been sung with much success by the Lyric Club. Among her better known compositions are "Songs of You," "The Mystic Hour," "Youth," "Fairies," "Butterflies," "The Dawn of Dawns," and a chorus for men's voices, "A Song for Heroes." She is kept busy under the management of Mr. Behymer in concert work, and also finds time to play for the Ebell Club, the Friday Morning Club, the Gamut Club, and for many of the leading artists who come to Los Angeles. In 1904 she was married, and has a daughter, Dorothy, now thirteen years of age, who has shown considerable talent both at the piano and in interpretive dancing. Mrs. Robinson's season is from October to June, and her program is always full. She is a member of the Dominant Club and one of its charter members." NOTE: The above article indicates Blanche Williams was born in Emporia, Lyons Co, KS. Some family members think she was born near Liberty, Montgomery, KS, since this is the area two brothers of Blanche's father settled before 1870.

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Blanche Williams
May 18, 1883
139 Emporia, Lyon, KS
1 August 19, 1969
53 86 CA (probably)
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