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CAPT. RICHARD B. LONG AND FAMILY "Some Biographies of Old Settlers." Historical, Personal and Reminiscent. Volume I By Sid S. Johnson, 1900: Sid S. Johnson, Publisher, Tyler, Texas Chapter XXXIV - Pages 166-171 - Picture of Capt. Long on Page 166 Capt. Richard B. Long was born in Bedford county, Tennessee (now Marshall County) December 1st, 1817. He was the son of Benj. Long, who was a native of Kentucky, and emigrated to Tennessee at an early day. Col. Benj. Long was a soldier in the war of 1912, under Gen. Andrew Jackson, and distinguished himself for gallantry and soldierly conduct. Col. Benj. Long married Miss Mary Dickson, a daughter of ames Dickson, a prominent family who moved from North Carolina to Tennessee. Capt. Richard B. Long married Miss Nancy J. Marbury, a daughter of Maj. L. W. Marbury of Bedford county, Tennessee, January 30, 1840. Mrs. Long was a Christian woman of accomplishments who died in Tyler, Texas, the 7th of August, 1888, and her remains were buried in the Tyler Cemetery. Capt. and Mrs. Long had born to them nine children-James B., Leonard, Mary Bell, Richard Brown, Jr., Sarah, Medicus A., John J., Sammie, and Neppie. Jas. B., Leonard, Sammie, and Neppie are dead. Capt. Richard B. Long removed to Texas in 1850: first to Nacogdoches county, where he remained five or six months, and in the fall of the me year he moved to Smith county, and settled in the Wm. Green neighborhood, six miles east of Tyler. He moved to Tyler and settled the old Dawson place, in Southeast Tyler in 1852. He was elected sheriff of Smith county in 1854 holding office for two years. He also held the office of district clerk for eight years, making an efficient and popular officer, with satisfaction to the people and credit to himself. When the Civil War broke out, he raised Company B, of the 11th Texas Infantry, commanded by Col. Oran M. Roberts, (the old Alcalde), afterwards the 'Pay-as-you-go' Governor of Texas. Capt. Long made an excellent officer and a good Confederate soldier. He was Postmaster of Tyler for four years during the administration of President Cleveland. He filled this position with fidelity and honesty, as he always filled every public trust given him through a continuous life of fifty years in Smith county. He has enjoyed the confidence of the people, always on the advance lines of whatever benefited his community. On the 22nd of June 1889, he married the second time, Mrs. Aggie Butler, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Wm. R. Langley. Mrs. Long is a woman of excellent and noble traits of character and is pleasantly surrounded with the comforts of a good home. Capt. Long, while feeble from age, enjoys generally good health for one who has lived so long. James B. Long, the eldest son, when a mere boy, enlisted in Douglas' Texas Battery, and served gallantly through the civil war. He married the pretty and accomplished Miss Dora Shuford, one of the attractive daughters of Dr. Quincy A. Shuford. James moved to Louisiana soon after his marriage where he died in early manhood. He was a noble fellow-intelligent, genial, and companionable. They had two children, (one died in infancy). Shuford Long lives a few miles in the country, a young farmer of promise. He married Miss Lola Story, a prominent and successful farmer of Smith county. They have three children -Turner, Quincy and Lena, who live with their parents on the farm. Miss Mary Bell Long married Thomas P. Smith, who died at Marshall, Texas, January 14th, 1900. He was one of the finest preaches in the East Texas (Methodist) Conference and of loveable Christian character. He was an earnest preacher of ability and power, and made a favorable impress along the lines of a Christian life. He was a forceful preacher, full of magnetism and modest Christian elegance that carried conviction and good results among his congregation. He was a favorite preacher among his fellows, and for manly virtues and a Christian gentleman, the people loved and admired him. His devoted wife shared the attendant hardships of an itinerant preachers life with Christian fortitude: assisting him in his noble work. Mrs. Thos. P. Smith resides in Tyler. They had no children of their own, but did an excellent part in raising several orphan children, giving them the advantages of a good Christian home and a liberal education. Rev. Thos. P. Smith was a success in life: a manly man, doing a good work and has received a just reward promised to those who follow Christ. Richard Brown Long, Jr. is a resident citizen of Tyler, and a leading and popular businessman. He married Miss Mattie Taylor, one of the accomplished daughters of Josephus Taylor, a prominent citizen of Tyler. Brown Long is a big-hearted generous business man, who has great faith in Tyler and Smith county. He has been for years in the insurance business: formerly a prominent merchant. His business qualifications are good, his moral habits excellent, and he is at this writing the popular Democratic nominee of Smith county primary for tax collector. He is a strict member of the Baptist Church. Brown Long has many friends. He was mayor of Tyler four years, voluntarily retiring, giving satisfaction in his splendid management of municipal affairs. He is honest and popular. Mrs. Sarah Long married Hon. John W. Robbins, the present State Treasurer of Texas, who is living in Austin. Their resident is at Vernon, Texas in the panhandle. John W. Robbins is an old Smith county country boy and the people here rejoice at his official success. They had seven children, (two died in infancy). Those living are: Miss Jonnie Bell, an attractive young lady, Richard brown, Leonard, Horace and Walter. All are with the family at Austin. Med A. Long married Miss Lillie Loftin, the accomplished daughter of Dr. O. Loftin, at this city. Med is a progressive businessman of fine qualifications, full of energy and stands well in the business world. He is to the front in raising fruit and a large shipper of fruits, berries and the products of the farm, making a success out of his line of industry that is assuming such large proportions in Smith county. He is a man of social habits and a very popular citizen. He has been an alderman in this city and works for the good of the people. He has the confidence of the business people. John J. Long married the amiable Miss Denia Browne, a sister of George and Sam Browne. Three children bless their household-Med, Richard and Francis, all of whom reside in this city. John is also a pushing businessman, and has the confidence of the public.

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